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Why do people like to use the Fish Grip?

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Author : Nico Yu
Update time : 2022-11-18 16:04:45

Fish Grip is a tool for taking fish. It is often used in many fishing environments. Its function is generally to avoid being scratched by teeth, bones and hooks when taking fish and to reduce the damage to fish.

At present, Fish Grip on the market is not only small in size, put in the pocket and does not affect the action, but also the application of ergonomics, the length and shape of the adult hand distance, more meet
the needs of fishermen.
The common misconception is that the Fish Grip is used to catch big fish or control some easy to kill fish, but this view is wrong, in any fishing environment, the Fish Grip can be used. When the angler catches
the larger fish, he can slip the fish to the water's edge first, control the fishing rod with one hand, hold the Fish Grip with the other hand, break the trigger, aim at the mouth of the fish, clamp the lip of the fish and
put it out of the water.
Its benefits and advantages are many:
1, With long distance fish, wild fishing reservoir or choose the net is more appropriate. Close to the water or Luya use the Fish Grip is more convenient.
2, As long as the fish slip to the side, the Fish Grip is in an appropriate position, bent over hook the mouth of the fish will not run over the fish, easy to take the hook, put the rod is very arbitrary, do not worry about
the hook hanging net and hand slip fish or fish jumping by the hook hook hurt themselves.
3, With a towel, wearing gloves to catch fish, fish hook is easy to hook, also inconvenient, towel gloves for a long time the taste is difficult to remove, must often wash often rinse, otherwise there will be a strong smell
of fish.

To sum up, the Fish Grip is a good tool for fishing.
If you are interested in it, you can click to buy it.

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